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   Writers: Moyra Caldecott (1927 - , England)  
  About the author  

Born in Pretoria, 1 June 1927. Educated at Arcadia School, Pretoria; Girls High School, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Natal University, Pietermaritzburg. BA in English and Philosophy. BA Hons. English. MA. English.

MA Thesis: "A study of religious themes and symbols in the work of T.S. Eliot and Dylan Thomas".

Moved to London, England 1951.

Married: Oliver Zerffi Stratford Caldecott (1925-1989) - Artist and editor: Penguins, Wildwood House, Hutchinsons, Rider.

Three Children: Stratford Stanley Caldecott: Founder of the "Centre for Faith and Culture", Oxford. Author, lecturer and Editor of "Second Spring" and the "Chesterton Review". Dr. Julian Oliver Caldecott: Author and Conservationist. Rachel Lester Caldecott-Thornton: Artist.

Moved from London to Bath, N.E. Somerset, England 1989.

A book written by Moyra Caldecott was published under the pseudonym Olivia Brown.

Biography provided by Rachel Lester Caldecott-Thornton, February 2002.

Picture of Moyra Caldecott  
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  1976.  Weapons of the Wolfhound   (Amazon - Alibris)
1977.  Guardians of the Tall Stones   (Amazon - Alibris)
1977.  Temple of the Sun, The   (Amazon - Alibris)
1978.  Adventures by Lea Flight   (Amazon - Alibris)
1978.  Shadow on the Stones   (Amazon - Alibris)

1983.  Twins of the Twylwyth Teg   (Amazon - Alibris)
1984.  Bran, Son of Llyr   (Amazon - Alibris)
1984.  Child of the Dark Star   (Amazon - Alibris)
1984.  Taliesin and Avagddu   (Amazon - Alibris)
1986.  Son of the Sun, The   (Amazon - Alibris)

1986.  Tower and the Emerald, THe   (Amazon - Alibris)
1987.  Etheldreda   (Amazon - Alibris)
1987.  Silver Vortex, The   (Amazon - Alibris)
1988.  Women in Celtic Myth   (Amazon - Alibris)
1989.  Daughter of Amun   (Amazon - Alibris)

1989.  Green Lady and the King of Shadows, The   (Amazon - Alibris)
1990.  Daughter of Ra   (Amazon - Alibris)
1993.  Myths of the Sacred Tree   (Amazon - Alibris)
1993.  Winged Man, The   (Amazon - Alibris)
2007.  Crystal Legend   (Amazon - Alibris)

2007.  Three Celtic Tales   (Amazon - Alibris)
2008.  Guardians of the Tall Stones   (Amazon - Alibris)
Buy Green Lady and the King of Shadows, The
Green Lady and the King of Shadows, The
Buy Myths of the Sacred Tree
Myths of the Sacred Tree
  • Ancient Egypt / Amun
  • Sacred Stones, The
  • Tall Stones
      Recurring themes  

  • Earth (8 books)
  • Priests- Shamans - Druids (6 books)
  • Great Britain (6 books)
  • Religion - Theology - Gods & Deities - Faith - Priests & Clerics (6 books)
  • Kings, Queens & Princes - Emperors - Kingdoms & Empires (6 books)
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