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   Writers: Peter Watts (1958 - , Canada)  
  About the author  

Peter Watts spent much of his adult life trying to decide whether to be a writer or a scientist, ending up as a marginal hybrid of both. He's won a handful of awards in fields as diverse as marine mammal science, video documentary, and science fiction. These accolades have not gone to his head since they never involved a lot of cash.

He spent ten years getting a bunch of degrees in the ecophysiology of marine mammals, and another ten trying make a living on those qualifications without becoming a whore for special-interest groups. This proved somewhat tougher that it looked; throughout the past decade he's been paid by the animal welfare movement to defend marine mammals; by the US fishing industry to sell them out; and by the Canadian government to ignore them. He eventually decided that since he was fictionalising science anyway, he might as well add some characters and plot and try selling to a wider market than the Journal of Theoretical Biology.

Dr. Watts still dabbles in contract biology, although his days of involvement with sexy conservation issues seem to have waned. (Cuddly Vermin of the Sea—a nonfiction account of his years spent frolicking with the biostitutes of Canada's marine mammal community— is still under development.) He is also intermittently involved with Relic Entertainment, makers of the multi-awarding RTS computer game "Homeworld".

Biography provided by the author, September 2001

Picture of Peter Watts  
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  1999.  Starfish   (Amazon - Alibris)
2001.  Maelstrom   (Amazon - Alibris)
2002.  Ten Monkeys, Ten Minutes   (Amazon - Alibris)
2004.  Behemoth: B-Max   (Amazon - Alibris)
2005.  Seppuku   (Amazon - Alibris)
2006.  Blindsight   (Amazon - Alibris)
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  • Rifter universe:
    2. Behemoth
    1. Rifter Trilogy
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  • After the Apocalypse - Post-holocaust - Apocalypse (3 books)
  • U.S.A. (2 books)
  • High Tech (2 books)
  • Earth (2 books)
  • Robots - Androids - Cyborgs (2 books)
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